How to become Member of Sports and Toys Exporters Association

Any person, firm or body engaged in manufacturing and/or exports of Sports Goods and Toys and is member of SGEPC will be eligible to become a member of the Association. The application for membership should be sent to the Secretary of the Association.

The Secretary will put up the application before the Executive Body. Final decision will be made by Executive Body. Every new member has to pay Admission fee and Yearly Subscription fee as decided and finalized by the Executive Committee from time to time.

Every member who has been enrolled will be bound by the rules and regulations, as in force for the time being. List of members of the Association will be maintained with their addresses and will be kept at the registered office of the Association.

Membership Subscription Charges:


Member: The member is required to pay Rs. 8000/- (inclusive of service tax) at the time of admission.. This subscription is valid for one financial year


Membership Benefits

The SPORTTX offers the following benefits to its members:

To encourage coordination among the persons/bodies engaged in the manufacture/export of Sports Goods and Toys and to render them guidance and facilities for improvement of their business.
To encourage unity & friendly relations among the persons/firms engaged in the business of Sports Goods and Toys.
To promote and protect the interest of the members of the Association and industry at large.
To seek the services of eminent technical personnel to bring around qualitative improvement in the products being exported by members. To seek guidance and help from concerned government departments and agencies for upgrading technology and to bring it to world class.
To approach the State/Central Government and the other appropriate authorities to redress the genuine grievances/difficulties of the members/industry.
To subscribe to books/journals/gazette notifications and seek assistance of Associations, institutes and Govt. authorities, which may be considered beneficial to the interests and welfare of the members.
To represent to the State/Central Govt: authorities to seek maximum help for the progress and increase of exports by the members.
To recommend to the state/Central Govt: authorities for the sanction of grant/subsidies for the industry to accelerate the export efforts of the members.
To look after the interest of members and try to provide them legitimate facilities for supply of raw Materials and the provision of requisite infrastructure beneficial for members of the Association.
To undertake market research of products, which have export potential, for the welfare of the members.
To take up matters regarding outstanding payments disputes of the members of the Association from abroad, with the Government authorities as the Association may deem fit to safe guard interest of the members and to recommend to the SGEPC and DGFT to take suitable action.
To promote, support or oppose any Govt. legislation that affects the interest of the business of the sports goods and toys industry.
To promote and make effort for the welfare of Sports Goods industry in general.
To do all other lawful acts or deeds which may be considered conducive and incidental for the attainment of the objects stated above.

Supplier Membership

Supplier Membership: Any person, firm or body interested to join the Supplier Membership Group is required to pay Rs. 10,000/- as annual subscription.

Benefits of Suppliers Membership

Benefits of Suppliers Membership

Suppliers will be given webpage where they can post their companies information, material details or any specific offer which they want to share with the Sporttx members.
Suppliers will get access to all the Sporttx members.
Suppliers can make changes in their webpage after one month.
Information about suppliers and their new products/services will be circulated to all Sporttx members in ""Whats APP" group. ;